Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fickle Pickle.

First - sorry I have not posted.  I requested a new project at work and got it.  When I am enjoying my work, I am as obsessive about it as I am about anything else, so I have been busy!  And now, back to our previously scheduled pondering....

SO!  3 weeks or so ago I was cleaning out my studio.  I was running out of room and had a bunch of stuff I probably will never get around to using, so I had to thin the herd so-to-speak.  I came across my wool tub.  It is a 40 gallon plastic box full of roving for needle felting.  What makes it more impressive is that I have vacuum sealed each color into thin bags - that is A LOT of wool.  I looked at it and thought "I should probably get rid of most of this.  I doubt I will ever pick it up again."  I even remember wondering what I found interesting about doing it....

Fast forward a mere 7 days and VOILA!  It is all I can think about.  The bears in my head must have panicked, as they all started shoving their way to the front.  Since then I have made 4.  Plus one none bear is in the works... 

How does this happen?  Anyone??

Don't get me wrong - I am really enjoying it.  I just find it odd. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am itching...

Itching to do stuff!  I am sitting here, where I have to be for the next 4 hours, and just below the surface, my body is crawling with the need to get up and go!  Ever have that happen?  There are days I feel like I am 5.  That perfect age where the world is still this amazing, vast place.  Where the smoky wisps of adventure curl like vines around me and tap on my shoulder, only to disappear behind the nearest tree when I turn around.  Creativity hangs in this place, fills the air and my head with ideas, with people (human and not) that are waiting  until I am capable of channeling their likeness into some sort of media.

 I have had that feeling since I was a child, like things are eagerly babbling amongst themselves inside my head, though I am just starting to realize that.  They watch for the day when I am 'good enough' to give them a life outside of my mind.  Sometimes they are pushier - like now - and I physically feel them jostling inside me, jockeying to see where we are, where we are going, what we are doing.  (Why I am not honing...Like I said - pushy.)

The above was somewhat difficult, yet freeing, to put out into the world.  I put faces on emotions, opinions and mischievous thoughts that turn them into something I can recognize and observe and maybe even hope to understand.  And I am willing to bet that some would call that crazy, but I am also willing to bet that I am not alone.  I like that this world is opening to me more and more as I embrace and nurture it.

The urge to explain keeps burbling to the surface.  Say here that I am not crazy and this is just my artistic voicing of the processes in my head.  I would say I do not care what people think, but that is not entirely accurate.  Truthfully, it thrills me when people say I am weird.  What a wonderful, wonderful compliment!  I am not what one of my dearest friends would call 'sheeple'.  My definitions fall outside of the grayier gray of normal.  I see things differently. 
Does that sound like a bad thing?

And exploring art has sort of given me this.  What beautiful, wonderful therapy!

Have a really great day and get out there and explore your world!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to work!

Well, I would appear the extended weekend is over.  It seems like there is always so much to do!  I bought a new computer and my photo editing software no longer works (I now have Windows 7.)  This makes taking semi-decent pictures difficult, must find an affordable solution to that problem! 

Projects long deserted on my work table are being completed.  I am starting to think I have a problem with purple.  Of the 10 unfinished projects, 3 are dark purple...  Or were.  I completed one yesterday!  I don't generally like unfinished projects, but am trying new methods in order to keep my muse more constant by making sure he is entertained...

My faerie folk are still in the same condition - no further progress so far!  Not to worry.  Just talking about them gave me an idea about how to proceed.  I love those light bulb moments! Wish they were a LOT more frequent!