Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now we know why I don't blog.

How many months? 5. Yes 5. How many houseplants have passed. None. WHy? I don't have houseplants. I have cats. They even managed to pull down the silk ones. What is wrong with these creatures? We bought a house. And the cats have chewed on the window sill! Yep! I am sure. Sorry suckers left the puncture marks to prove it. Looks like someone took an ice pick all along the edge of my 8 foot wide window sill. The dog is too big to have done it and the cats frequent the window. You do the math.

So, I promised pics - here is what I have at present. First Cheddar. This is the 'brains' behind almost every foul cat deed in my house. He can open doors, cabinets and Sterilite plastic containers. He thinks cats should drink water only from sink faucets and humans are things that you stomp all over when they are in your way. He is flamepoint Siamese/Tabby cross. Charming isn't he?

Second, Mishu (mee-shoo). Siamese. Talkative -whiney. We say he is undecided. Why? He sort of acts like Nathan Lane from The Bird Cage. He would be positively devastated if he pierced the toast. He is also bulimic. Neurotic, bulimic, whiney, undecided cat. Oh and needy. Very needy. He is the one caught doing everything because he walks over to see what Cheddar is up to and when Cheddar walks off, Mishu stays there at the scene of the crime and looks at me like "Whut?"

Yay! Cats....

Friday, March 27, 2009

I have been bz but last nite's dream is too funny/weird not to mention!

So I woke up laughing. Physically, out loud laughing.
Why? Because I dreamed my cats had hijacked the pTouch. You know, the little label maker that fascinates everyone it comes in contact with?

Anyway they had labeled everything downstairs from 'cat perspective'. That simply means the dog had a little sticky label reading 'STUPID' and the plastic box holding their food was labeled 'TASTY'. Where one cat had previously lost his lunch so-to-speak, there was 'BARF', and strangely enough most everything else was labeled 'MINE'.

I am starting to wonder if they are performing experiments on me in my sleep. Cat Mind Control. Like little aliens....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Late last nite...

Or rather - early this morning (4 a.m. to be exact) - I decided to actually blog.

What, you ask, might inspire a person to blog at 4 a.m.? My one word response:


Yep! I have em. Yep! I love em. I also sometimes want to strangle them. (Especially at 4 a.m.)
Two cats is really more than I need. What was I thinking? I know what it was. I was a grief stricken, irrational mess that couldn't see a silly cat tree empty after the premature death of what will forever be my favorite pet.

A few years ago I was a stay-at-home mom whose kids were in school all day. I decided to agree to the kitten my daughter wanted. As fate would have it, a family from my son's baseball team had one needing a home. Tonks came home a week later.
He was tiny! Though he was supposed to be 8 weeks and eating solid food, I quickly discovered he could not. For two weeks I bottle fed this tiny little creature, placing him in my pockets and carrying him everywhere. I had to 'teach' him how to eat cat mash (water soaked cat food) and eventually normal cat food. As he got older and would prowl about the house on his own, he would call to me when he was 'lost'. My kids laughed that their cat could say 'Mom' almost as clearly as they could. I was smitten with this insanely mean and hilarious cat that I had raised with almost as much attention as I had my kids.

As Tonks grew older we decided to have him fixed. He was not around other cats, had none of the tom behaviors such as marking, but at 8 months he had fully developed and we decided it was time. I just had no idea what that really meant.

I took him in on a Monday after Thanksgiving. By 1 o'clock, the vet called and said he had passed. No idea why. Just that he was gone. Having never had something that close to me die - it was very traumatic and I exhibited all signs of having become the crazy cat lady: 3days of crying all day, no sleep, being totally nauseous when I walked out of my room to see that 5.5 foot cat tree empty. I did improve but was miserable.

After a few weeks I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to bring home a cat from the shelter. By then I was working and didn't feel it fair to have a kitten alone so much so we needed two. Some cats do need another cat around. Some don't. Mine don't. Still don't... 3 years of still don't. Oh don't get me wrong - they coexist on an uneasy truce with at least a daily rehashing of what belongs to who when. But they would have been perfectly fine being only cats. And so might many of my things. And my husbands things... And my son's.... Okay, okay, and my daughter's.

I will recount the many stories already written here until I catch up to their current antics - if that is possible.

I will get some photos up to introduce you to the cast of characters. And I have plenty of stories to keep this blog supplied while they produce new ones. Just know that nothing - AND I MEAN NOTHING - in my house is safe.