Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now we know why I don't blog.

How many months? 5. Yes 5. How many houseplants have passed. None. WHy? I don't have houseplants. I have cats. They even managed to pull down the silk ones. What is wrong with these creatures? We bought a house. And the cats have chewed on the window sill! Yep! I am sure. Sorry suckers left the puncture marks to prove it. Looks like someone took an ice pick all along the edge of my 8 foot wide window sill. The dog is too big to have done it and the cats frequent the window. You do the math.

So, I promised pics - here is what I have at present. First Cheddar. This is the 'brains' behind almost every foul cat deed in my house. He can open doors, cabinets and Sterilite plastic containers. He thinks cats should drink water only from sink faucets and humans are things that you stomp all over when they are in your way. He is flamepoint Siamese/Tabby cross. Charming isn't he?

Second, Mishu (mee-shoo). Siamese. Talkative -whiney. We say he is undecided. Why? He sort of acts like Nathan Lane from The Bird Cage. He would be positively devastated if he pierced the toast. He is also bulimic. Neurotic, bulimic, whiney, undecided cat. Oh and needy. Very needy. He is the one caught doing everything because he walks over to see what Cheddar is up to and when Cheddar walks off, Mishu stays there at the scene of the crime and looks at me like "Whut?"

Yay! Cats....

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