Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pardon Our Dust

I started to say pardon my dust, but really, sometimes there are more 'me's than even I care to admit.  So!  When I started out I wanted a place that I could share all of the things my cats do to make my life 'easier'.  Uh-huh.  Thing is - days go by and nothing worth noting happens.  Course there are those days when minutes can't go by without something happening....

With the encouragement of a couple of friends, I decided to actually participate in this blog and to thoroughly do that, I am widening its scope to include my ramblings on the things that generally interest, amuse or aggravate me.  We will cover the constant journey that is not only weight loss, but healthier living.  Books are a big part of my life and I have a lot to say about them apparently.... :P  Life's little mishaps and observations will undoubtedly make an appearance and you will certainly end up seeing my creations - from sculpting to decorating.  Of course I will have something to say about my zoo which includes 2 cats, 2.5 dogs, 2 kids and a spouse.  Don't tell him when I write about him.  Unless I say something nice. :P 

Come to think of it, I should have used a pseudonym....

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