Friday, March 26, 2010

Keeping a promise.

Okay so I really made it to myself, but that should still count.  In fact, maybe it should count more...  I don't have anything incredulous planned for the weekend.  A glimmer of hope that the sun this weekend will not be accompanied by that awful north wind we have had lately.  No sun can warm you when that mess is blowing!  I find myself wanting to finish up a sculpture I started and left off from over 6 months ago.  Funny because about 2 weeks ago I found myself wondering if I would ever want to do that sort of project again.  I suppose that is my answer.  I absolutely must hit the gym before I am allowed to start, though.  (Yet another promise I have made to myself I must keep.)

I can't be the only one that is constantly promising myself to do better, only to figure out a way to break it and blame something outside of me.  Truth is, it is my choice, my decision, my consequence.  I have to be better about not wrecking myself.  Being my own worst enemy, of sorts.

So I will work out then sculpt.  (A little voice inside my head just said - unless your friend calls and suggests you go sit on the patio and sip fruity ANYTHING.  Then we will workout later!  And smiles coyly.)  Evil.  Truly.

  1.  Pictures of finally finished project on this blog come Monday.  Deal.
  2. Work out today and and least one other day this weekend. Fine.
  3.  Afterthought goal:  Don't wreck all the working out with eating bad stuff. Ugh....

Shall we see how I do?

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