Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May WHAT!?!

Well I have done it again.  Let another month or so slip by.  I did finish up the project that had been sitting around for the better portion of a year.  Geez Louise!

My birthday came and went.  I received two Froud sculpting dvds.  So far I am looking forward to the painting techniques.  Eventually I might get to that part, but so far my attention span has been in the 20-30 minute range...

I think I will spend some time this week going through my studio to clean out some supplies.  I know there are things I with which I will never bother, so I ought to thin them before the excess becomes so overwhelming I seal off the door.  (I have been watching too much of the TLC Hoarders show, me thinks.)

On a different but semi-related topic...

Ever know you could be really good at something if you just continuously applied yourself? If you just committed yourself to seriously studying and honing your skill, only to self sabotage and thwart your own efforts during of spurts of unbridled fear or feelings of inadequacy?  I am not sure what that is, but it is irritating.  I refer to it as ADD.  My brain hopping from one style to the next, wanting to do it all, knowing slow and steady wins the race.  Great if my brain would just run in one constant direction, instead of bouncing around from place to place, much like a highly sugar-fueled kid in the world's largest candy store!  Other times it goes numb, like a blob of unmolded, wet potter's clay.  Just an inaccessible lump of nothingness.

Why am I telling the world this?  Mostly just to purge it from my body.  To take it out and examine it, learn about it, learn from it.  Learn how to fight it, redirect it, channel it and make it work for, not against, me.  I envision this process as a room where I am constantly pressing the walls, expanding its dimensions. Secondarily, I know there are others out there that must suffer from something similar, but sit in silence, afraid of sounding, well, not normal.  To you, I say that there is no such thing as normal.  Actually, I would say that if there is such a thing as normal, it is skewed way left of where most people think it is!

Okay.  I am done throwing stuff at the proverbial wall so I can study it for the day!  I hope you are feeling happy, healthy, and creative!

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