Friday, May 21, 2010

With Good Intentions....

I sit and write this post.  Intention that I intend to act upon, despite the universe's best attempts to usurp me.  Here are my goals for this weekend:

Acquire items to build a decent armature  (this is already a bit of a cheat as I think I have most...)

Determine how to finish busts of fae creature heads I have already created (there are 2).

Complete at least one of the two aforementioned busts.

Take pictures as they are now and of the finished products.

Refuse to let fear (of what I am not exactly sure) stop me from any of the above...

I will report on all my successes Monday, which is to say, if I do not blog, then I had none!  Hahaha.....  Er, ahem.  Let's talk about something else....

If you are not signed up to receive Michaels ads/coupons in your email I suggest you do it.  This week there is a coupon for 40% all Artist Paints, Pencils and Markers beginning Sunday.   Liquitex and I are becoming friends and Michaels has begun carrying Golden Acrylics.  I will surely be spending money I do not have....  Did I mention that through Saturday, clay is on sale for $1.25/2 oz brick at my store?  Time to stock up on translucents and whites  and  maybe a fleshy or two! So they have me on both Saturday and Sunday.  That is seriously evil....

And on a serious and somewhat exploratory note:

I am overcoming my fear/dislike for  painting.  It is not cured by any means, but I am no longer fleeing my studio at the thought of  it.  And I am not holding stubbornly to the idea that my hands were only given the ability to 'paint' with chalks.  Seriously - I have held fast to that for a long time... So much so, in fact, that  I have colorized entire sculpts with it.  Archipelago (below) was sculpted from Prosculpt and colorized entirely with chalk.  I like doing it, but it is seriously difficult to find an extensive color palette....  So I will learn....

My next photo will be of something I have worked acrylics on....  HEY LOOK!  ANOTHER GOAL! 

Okay!  I hope something here has you thinking about taking on something a little outside your comfort range, because I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, that is something I am meant to do.  It somehow feels right to say.  Have a creative and productive weekend and hopefully I will have successes to share on Monday!

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