Thursday, May 13, 2010

Productivity At Last!

Last week I spent most of my energy pulling out old landscape and putting in some new, more interesting stuff, so I was pleased last night to get up to my studio.  Okay - it is almost unbearable messy, but I can live with that for just a few days more! 

To prove that I am not just a philosophizing whiner, I created a goblin (I think) head.  He has all sorts of faults - the main one being that I blew the facial plane when I didn't make it even across the front, setting one eye farther back in his head than the other - but I did do it!  I will probably bake him, take pics and use him to practice painting.  I will also use him to gage the progress of my skill.

I have become more interested in the idea of costuming and building body armatures.  Which shows progress in my artistic curiosity since as little as a month ago I would have cringed and said "blech!" at the tediousness of that entire process.  In fact, I detest armatures.  I believe they are necessary, but they change the way I do things and I find that irritating.  I shall get over it.  And as far as costuming goes, it seems as though I should not be so scared of sewing, etc., as my mother and grandmother both are good seamstresses. Who knows!  Maybe I have a natural ability I have left untapped.  Not likely, but for now I can draw on that hope.

I told my daughter the other day that often the most successful people are not necessarily the best ones at what they do, but they consistently work harder to grow, learn, and expand their abilities.  Sort of makes it sound like it boils down to attrition, but really it is persistence and determination, eh?

I will post pics when I take them with something other than my iPhone...  Which addresses my other lack of talent - photography.  All successful artists stage their goods, the photography really setting the stage and completing the story.  So I will have to become better at taking pictures of things other than my thumb... :)

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