Monday, May 24, 2010


usually find me exhausted and unfocused.  Well, maybe that is not entirely true.  They find me divided.  The back-to-work-writing-computer-code-when-my-head-is-still-working-through-sculpts keeps my left and right brains dueling.

This weekend was my mother's birthday so I spent most of my time shopping, cleaning or cooking.  I did manage a trip to Michaels to acquire some acrylics while I had a '40% off Artist Paints' coupon, only sitting down in my studio at 6:45 on Sunday evening.  Not a lot of sculpting time, but some goals were accomplished.

1)  My current heads will be finished as busts.  I know one I will attach to a candlestick I have.  My thought at this point is that it will be the female....

2) I took pictures of the before and after paint heads.  They are from my iPhone, but I did take them.

The fae before paint:

and after:

The imp sculpt before paint:

and after:

 Sorry for the rotten quality.  Will get better ones when not so crunched for time!

3) Fear didn't hold me back.  Time commitments did...

4)  I didn't even get started with the armature wire, but did sculpt some hands trying out Wendy Froud's Sculpting a Fairy video method. I will stick to individual fingers like in her second for now though when it is time to sculpt some more delicate fingers I could see this working out!  

So, 50% success in the goal realm. Enough to set some new (and much needed) ones.

This week I have to gt my photo area set up more permanently.  That requires some extension cords, but is entirely within reach.  That is my goal for this evening.... That way when it is time to take pictures, I don't have to offend our eyes with these blurry quickies!I also have a couple of doodles without heads and some heads without bodies that should be finished up to get them out of my sculpting space....

No sage advice or insight today other than to say try taking one thing from your list each day and do it, try it, whatever.  It is not so much about doing something as it is about keeping that promise to yourself.  There is a sense of victory in keeping your word to yourself each day and a distinct lack of self-admonishment. Admonishment lends itself to a sense of failure and to more unkept promises.  And that cycle is a hamster wheel best avoided!

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  1. I love the imp! His coloring really brings out his personality- excellent choices. Also, I appreciate your insight about the primacy of promise-keeping over doing. It really is true that self-respect is a good deal harder to find and easier to lose when the literal items on our lists become King.